The Mont Aigoual Weather Observatory

The last inhabited weather station in France

At the summit of Mount Aigoual stands the Weather Observatory, built in 1893 with the look of a Victorian manor.
The last inhabited weather station in France, it lets you discover the work of meteorologists through a free exhibition created by Jean Boulet, the station's director from 1981 to 2002. The second half of the exhibition is devoted to the Aigoual mountain; 800 photos will make you want to stay longer in this region to better appreciate it. Don't forget to climb the tower to consult the orientation table that provides the highlight of the show on clear days.

It's true that the weather is fierce here and, at 1576 metres altitude, the strong winds can reach 360km/hour (the record hit in November 1968). Spectacular storms sometimes accompany the abundant rains and the fog could be cut with a knife. You have to wait for a moment when the elements have calmed down and the view clears to take in a breathtaking panorama sweeping over  13 departments, all the way to the Mediterranean, the Mont Blanc and the Pyrénees.

But the best way to discover the Aigoual is by hiking the big walking trails that cross it: the GR6 and GR66 or the GR7 as well as the many nature and discovery trails marked out for the entire family's pleasure.

The tourist office's website "Mont Aigoual - Causse - Cévennes" suggests no less than 28 hiking trails, several field guidebooks and a list of mountain guides.

Before going, remember to check the weather forecast (telephone 3250) and take something warm to wear: it is always quite cool at the top of the Aigoual, even in summer.

Mont Aigoual Weather Station

Panorama from Mont Aigoual in the Cevennes

Météosite Mont Aigoual - Observatoire météo du Mont Aigoual - 30570 Valleraugue

+33 (0)4 67 42 59 83

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