The Causse de Blandas

In the department of the Gard, between the valleys of the Arre and the Vis rivers, and stretching south towards the Cirque de Navacelles, the Causses offer wide rocky landscapes and fertile valleys. Because of the absence of water, the vegetation is mostly vast grassy stretches, favourable to animal farming and which make for a majestic countryside.

In the hamlet of La Rigalderie as you approach Blandas, the La Rigalderie cromlech rises up, a circle 100 metres in diameter made up of thirty-odd menhirs. It dates from the Neolithic period. The karstic plateau contains approximately 80 megalithic monuments, dolmens, menhirs and several cromlechs.

From the Blandas belvedere, 3 minutes from the village, you have unobstructed views over the Cirque de Navacelles, a geological wonder nestling in the heart of the Causses region. When you are there, the Maison du Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles has a documentation centre, a shop with regional products and a restaurant.


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The Causse de Blandas in the Gard

Cromlechs at the causse de Blandas

The causse de Blandas in the Languedoc Roussillon

Causse de Blandas - 30770 Blandas

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