The Abime de Bramabiau

On the northern slope of the Aigoual mountain, near Camprieu, you can hear a low rumble that soon becomes a thunderous noise. It is the Bonheur river emerging from an immense fissure after a 800 metre underground race beneath the limestone plateau of Camprieu. Bramabiau gets its name from the roar of the water beating against the rocky sides, which resembles the bugling of a bull (bramabiou is the local patois for "boeuf qui brame" or bull that bugles).

A one-kilometre circuit lets you discover both the cave and a spectacular cascade, as well as a narrow passage, a veritable subterranean labyrinth. Remember to bring something warm to wear, the temperature in the cave is quite chilly in all seasons.

In the vicinity of Camprieu (30)

-the Arboretum de la Foux

- the trail of trees

- the Observatory of the Mont Aigoual

The Abime de Bramabiau

Abîme de Bramabiau - 30750 Camprieu

+33 (0)4 67 82 60 78

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