The Maison Jean Vilar in Avignon

Founded in 1979 through an agreement bringing together the City of Avignon, the Jean Vilar Association and the performing arts department of the Bibliothèque Nationale of France.
The Maison Jean Vilar is the depository of the work of the Avignon Theatre Festival's creator and testifies to his contribution to contemporary theatre.
Beyond this commemoration, the Maison Jean Vilar inscribes its actions in the larger context of the performing arts by putting at the public's disposal the services of a video library and a reference library, all while regularly programming exhibitions, activities and festivals in liaison with the living theatre and local and national cultural life. These activities are announced and discussed quarterly in the review Les Cahiers de la Maison Jean Vilar.

Jean Vilar Museum in Avignon

Maison Jean Vilar : exhibitions

Photos of the Avignon Festival exhibited at the Maison Jean Vilar

Les Precieuses Ridicules - Molière - Costume 1959

8, rue de Mons - Montée Paul Puaux - 84000 Avignon

+33 (0)4 90 86 59 64

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