The Folon Chapel

The immortalization of a Belgian artist's love for Saint-Paul de Vence

Folon, an artist known for his illustrations and posters for Unesco and Amnesty International, put his talents to designing a sanctuary of light and serenity.  

He made the drawings for an immense mosaic representing the village of Saint Paul de Vence and for stained-glass windows and murals evoking the theme of giving, linked to the vocation of the white penitents. His works, completed posthumously by an Italian mosaics studio and master glassmakers from Chartres, today adorn the former White Penitents Chapel built in the 17th century and renovated in 2005.

Pushing open the door, the visitor enters a chapel unlike any other: light-filled, joyous and empty except for a baptismal font and the decoration, in which the pastels harmonize with the background music to create a pleasure for the senses.

With the Folon Chapel, this Belgian artist who lived in Monaco immortalized his love for Saint Paul.

Combined ticket with the Museum of Local History. With its wax figures from the Musée Grévin, this museum shows the key moments in the history of Saint Paul:  Francis I, the Queen Jeanne, Vauban, the French Revolution amongst others.

Chapelle Folon - Place de l'Eglise - 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence

+33 (0)4 93 32 41 13

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