Zoo de la Barben

more than just a zoo!

Nestling in greenery and basking in the scents of the Mediterranean, the Barben Zoo is at the heart of the Provence region, 5km away from Salon and halfway between Marseille and Avignon.

In this rare and unique setting at the heart of a 33 hectare forest of evergreen oaks, on a plateau dominating the region of Salon, 600 animals from 120 different species live together.

Barben zoo also has the curious and fascinating world of reptiles, basking in the humid warmth of a restored 12th century sheep shed and the deafening and joyful singing of a multitude of birds from all five continents.

Open 365 days a year, from 10am to 6pm; the Zoo de la Barben is accessible to baby strollers and wheelchairs.

Zoo de la Barben - Tigers

Zoo of la Barben - Zebras

Zoo de la Barben - Elephant

Barben Zoo - Leopards

Zoo de la Barben - Giant Anteater

Zoo de la Barben - Brown Bear

Zoo de la Barben - Lioness

Zoo de la Barben - Hippo

Zoo de la Barben - Rhinoceros

Zoo de la Barben - Small train

Parc Zoologique de la Barben - Route du Château - 13330 La Barben

+ 33(0)4 90 55 19 12


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