National Stud Farm of Uzès

Performances from July 11 to August 22, 2018

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm in the riding arena at the National Stud Farm of Uzès - Length: 1hr 15min


Equestrian show by Samuel HAFFRAD and Fabien GALLE

Come embark on an extraordinary journey, a tour around the world, in which dreams, poetry and equestrian prowess lead you to a magical encounter. Because it's the true identity of the rider people that will be revealed to you. Whether they are gauchos, cowboys, Indians, Mongols, Cossacks or Bedouins, the nomads work in tandem. It's the strength in unity, the beauty of our heritage. For every culture there is its knowledge; for every mount, its history... to be shared!
Prices: 16€ adult / 6€ child (5-12 years) / 3€ child (3-4 years)

Group prices upon request

Ticket Office:
Tourist Office of Uzès / Destination Pays d'Uzès
Pont du Gard, 16 place Albert 1er, Chapelle des Capucins, 30700 Uzès
Tel: +33(0)4 66 22 68 88
On site one hour before the show (credit cards not accepted)
Réseau France Billet: Fnac, Géant, Système U, Intermarché -

Some information about the stud farm

The National Stud Farm of Uzès is one of the sites operated by the IFCE (French Institute of the Horse and Riding). It's construction started in 1972. In the past, three stallion depots operated in the region: ARLES (closed in 1859), PERPIGNAN (closed in 1927) and AJACCIO (Corsica). After the closing of the two depots, the management of Midi - Mediterranean horse breeding was divided among the stud farms of ANNECY, RODEZ and TARBES, until the implementation of regionalisation justified the creation of the Uzès stud farm.

Covering a surface area of 16 hectares, the National Stud Farm of Uzès has 65 stalls, 8,500m2 of sandpits, a big riding arena with grandstand seating for 550 spectators, an old stone house of great historical interest, and a garage for horse-drawn vehicles. The Stud Farm of Uzès possesses 18 vintage horse-drawn vehicles, which are used during events and demonstrations, and 11 other modern horse-drawn vehicles.

The National Stud Farm of Uzès also provides the public with instruction by offering different courses (harnessing, horse handling practices and even saddlery)

Jumping at the National stud in Uzès

Horse competition at National stud Farm in Uzès

Horse carriage

Guided tour of the National stud farm of Uzès

Haras National d'Uzès - Mas des Tailles - 30700 Uzès

+33 (0)4 66 22 99 99

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