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Spa - Uzès & Pont du Gard

In Uzès, “La Villa Romaine” has a garden and swimming pool, health and beauty care facilities (sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi / whirlpool bath) and private terraces with access to the big verdant garden.
Private wellness sessions (minimum 2 hours) with a friend or as a couple, or in conjunction with our theme workshops.
We have an open-air bistro with an organic, vegetarian menu (Ayurvedic cuisine) and we offer courses in gentle sports (yoga) and weekend stays with evening use of the spa, spa brunch on Sunday, cooking workshop, Yoga & Ayurveda, etc. Possibility of a relaxing massage, outside in the Japanese garden in summer.
Theme stays, organisation of events (bachelorette party, engagement party, etc.) for groups starting at 4 people.
We have two gyms or receptions area, a cooking workshop with central island unit and bar, an herbal tea room and an open-air bistro (shaded dining area).
We are on the hiking trail that leads from Uzès to the Pont du Gard, following the Roman aqueduct.
Open by appointment only from 10am to 10pm: minimum 2 people.
Possibility of a relaxing massage - outside in summer (bamboo garden, private terraces) – by appointment

The +++

  • spa : jacuzzi, hammam, sauna
  • outdoor pool
  • massage
  • garden
  • many terraces
  • cooking class
  • organic, vegetarian meals

The facilities






Spa, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Sauna

Table d'hote



Spa Privé Uzès

The Zen garden

Arabic terrace

Roman terrace

Massage room


Tea time

Wellness saty

Light-filled and spacious, the "Villa Romaine" is a bed & breakfast devoted to wellness. It offers its guests and day visitors relaxation spaces, notably the garden, and places for private body care - sauna, steam bath and whirlpool bath – with private terrace, relaxation room and access to the garden!

A swim in the pool, a massage in the bamboo garden or on the Roman terrace, and a bistro and an open-air tea room are extra options for you during the summer season in our beautiful sun-filled region.

Give and share a gift of love and a moment of caring, for yourself and your dear ones, all throughout the year.

The villa's multi-cultural spirit will transport you from Ancient Rome all the way to the Far East, and the Feng Shui in the garden invites you to get back to nature and regenerate in a verdant and flowering paradise.

Relaxing massages (outdoors as an option), organic dining, organisation of events, exclusive use and entertainment for groups (birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelor parties, etc.)

Starting at 35€ / person

Romantic stay

Let yourself be pampered during a private session (min. 2 hr) and relaxation in an undisturbed beauty care spot: Turkish bath, sauna or whirlpool. Access to the garden and swimming pool. For our full day or weekend guests who come as a couple, we offer accommodations in a guest room plus our excellent Ayurvedic cuisine. Nocturnal stay and candlelight dinner in summer. Or a “heart warming” stay (sauna, whirlpool bath by candlelight, massages, etc.) throughout the year.

Marriage proposal, engagement party, baptism...

The Villa Romaine offers you wellness stays for a group or a couple, for a relaxing moment in perfect harmony and in all privacy.
Whether it's for a marriage proposal, engagement party, bachelorette party, wedding anniversary, an intimate wedding reception or the baptism of the baby who will follow one day.

The entire villa, its garden with swimming pool and outdoor bistro and its Spa (Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool) can be rented for exclusive use for half day or evening events, when the garden will be lit up by candles and the pool open for a swim beneath the star-filled sky!

Come and be pampered or celebrate your special occasion in the sun-filled, or candlelit, garden, with a candlelight dinner and evening relaxation. Take it easy in the Turkish bath, the sauna chalet or in our beautiful Eastern bath room with whirlpool bath and on the adjacent terraces, enjoying your wellness care beneath the open sky. For lovers and future brides and grooms, we offer romantic and original scenarios, worthy of an Egyptian queen and Roman conqueror – ideal for a marriage proposal!

When the big day has come, the Villa Romaine is the perfect setting for your wedding photos. Our team at the spa will be at your service to offer you health and beauty care. It is also a wonderful and unique gift, for the bride or her whole cortège. And why not for the groom as well!

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Contact and access

Spa Privé Uzès

Spa privé Uzès - Chemin de la lavande - 30700 Uzès

+33 (0)4 66 03 31 70

+33 (0)6 40 95 79 97

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