The Museum of Taurine Cultures

For the number of toreros it has given us, the many corridas organized throughout the year, its international reputation, its regional roots, Nîmes is a bullfighting city par excellence.
The Museum of Taurine Cultures is consecrated to this passion for Spanish and Camargue tauromachy.  

Open since 2002 for the 50th anniversary of the Féria of Nîmes, the museum is situated a stone's throw from the Arena. It brings together an impressive collection based on tauromachy and a permanent exhibition, "Tauromachies Nîmoises".

The museum, open from féria to féria (May to November) presents such temporary exhibitions as "Eternal Rituals", "the Horse", "Picasso, Nîmes and bulls"... as well as educational workshops and other activities.

Musée des Cultures Taurines - 6, rue Alexandre Ducros - 30000 Nîmes

+33 (0)4 30 06 77 07

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