Museum of old Avignon - Popes' Palace

A circuit comprised of 7 rooms in the Popes' Palace plunges us into the history of this prestigious edifice which holds a prominent place in the heritage of France.
The tour enlightens us about why the popes left Rome to settle in Avignon, about the roles they played and also about the immense work involved in the construction of the Popes' Palace in the 14th century, its architecture and its sublime décor.
You will visit the Grande Trésorerie, the Trésor Bas, the Salle de Jésus, the Pontifical Sacristy, the Pope's Chamber and the Chamber of the Stag.
The museum is part of the Palace tour.

Scale model of the Popes' Palace

Lock of the tabernacle of the chapel Saint-Michel

Decorated pavers

Project of acquisition of the episcopal Palace by Pope Benedict XII

The Pope's throne

Musée de l'Oeuvre - Place du Palais - 84000 Avignon

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