The Museum of Art and History of Orange

An indispensable complement to a tour of the ancient Roman theatre

Situated across from the archaeological dig and the ancient Roman theatre, the Museum of Art and History of Orange offers a journey in time to discover the Gallo-Roman history of the city.
Laid out in a private mansion built in the 17th century for Georges Van Cuyl, several rooms house a beautiful collection of furniture and artworks, evoking the history of Orange from Antiquity up to the 19th century.
You can admire the mosaic of the Centaurs, several fragments of land registries inscribed in the 1st century BC, friezes from the stage wall of the antique theatre, a cabinet of curiosities, objects from the cotton print factory and, on the second floor, a large collection of paintings and engravings by the English artists Brangwyn and Albert de Belleroche.

Engraving of the Roman Theatre of Orange

Musée d'art et d'histoire d'Orange - Rue Madeleine Roch - 84100 Orange

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