The Musée de l'Appel de la Liberté

The Museum of the Resistance

The Musée de l'Appel de la liberté, also called the "Museum of the Resistance", is an exceptional display of the period 1939-1945. The very judicious choice of objects and the ingenuity of their presentation make it an educational museum. Posters, a classroom under the sway of Pétain's paternalistic ideology, a documentary about the Resistance, one section, rare, of clandestine papers and revues, manuscripts by René Char, Mauriac, Desnos, all these artefacts keep alive a taste for study and rekindle the flame of remembrance.

Chemin du gouffre - 84800 Fontaine-de-Vaucluse

+33 (0)4 90 20 24 00

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