The Bakery Museum in Bonnieux

The Bakery Museum in Bonnieux is laid out in a 17th century building around an old bread oven used up until 1920. Acquired by the General Council of the Vaucluse in 1983, it retraces the history of different technologies in baking, from the cultural practices of agrarian civilizations, the tools, flour mills, milling, bread-making... to marketing techniques.  
A collection of tools, an iconography of drawings, engravings, advertisements, posters and archives, from the late 17th century to the present, revives the life of the craft guilds as an indispensable testimonial to understanding the behaviour of our modern society.

The Bakery Museum offers theme tours for adults and high school teachers: the ABC of Bread, a Festival for the Senses... as well as workshops for school groups (with drawing, painting, collages) such as "Does the battle against hunger have to use GMOs?"  and "Il était... une dame tartine", the secret of baking.

Musée de la Boulangerie - 12, rue de la république - 84480 Bonnieux

+33 (0)4 90 75 88 34

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