Arles Antique Departmental Museum

The Arles Antique Departmental Museum, called the “blue museum”, presents the archaeological collections of Arles and its territory, from the Neolithic up to the end of the Late Antiquity.

The contemporary buildings, designed by the architect Henri Ciriani and located on the Presqu'île du Cirque Romain, provide a clear and aesthetic museography in the big open spaces needed for the city's impressive collection.

Inside, you can walk freely through the vast exhibition spaces and discover the permanent and temporary collections arranged in a chronological and thematic order. The ample space allows you to admire the ancient, 31-metre long barge discovered buried in the Rhône in 2004.

A visit to the Arles Antique Departmental Museum provides a global and informative insight into the history of the Roman city (its society, architecture, daily life...) and is a valuable complement to the tour of the city's great monuments.

The museum organises theme tours, lectures, performances, classes and workshops throughout the year.

For the pleasure of the old and young alike, the Hortus, the museum's Roman inspired garden, has a playground as well as theme areas that help you get to know more about the Roman civilisation. Game kits are available free of charge at the museum's reception.

Musée Arles Antique, the blue museum

Arial view of Arles Antique Museum located on the Presqu'île du Cirque Romain

ancient, 31-metre long barge, Arles Antique Departmental Museum

Educational activities of the museum

Mosaic of the Arles Antique Museum

Promenade and gardens of the museum

Musée Départemental Arles Antique - Presqu'île du cirque romain - 13200 Arles

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