Carrières de Lumières

An immersion in Van Gogh’s finest masterpieces!

FROM MARCH 1, 2019 to JANUARY 5, 2020
Created by Gianfranco Iannuzzi - Renato Gatto - Massimiliano Siccardi - with the musical collaboration by Luca Longobardi

As of 1 March 2019, the Carrières de Lumières will exhibit the work of the genius painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853–1890), who only achieved fame after his death. Spanning the 7,000 m² of the Carrières, a visual and musical production retraces the intense life of the tormented artist, who, during the last ten years of his life, painted more than 2,000 pictures, which are now held in collections around the world.

A magic place in the heart of the Alpilles

In the historic site of Les Baux de Provence in the heart of the Alpilles, the former quarries dug out by the hands of man since the Roman era today offer the visitor a magical world of entrancing images and music.

From these quarries was extracted the white limestone used to build Les Baux and its citadel. In the 19th century, industrial development increased the demand for building stone and Les Baux exploited a large number of quarries, including the Grands Fonds, today the Carrières de Lumières.

After WWI, new construction materials such as steel and concrete replaced stones. Around 1935, the quarry closed definitively.

But it did not remain in the shadows for long. In 1960, the site's mysterious air cast a spell on Jean Cocteau and compelled him to film the Testament of Orpheus in this tenebrous décor.

In 1975, Albert Plécy visited the impressive limestone quarries of the Val d'Enfer in Les Baux de Provence. Overwhelmed by the site's beauty, he decided to utilize it for his research into the “Total Image” with an ongoing experiment in the use and effects of an artistic creation that introduces the individual into the heart itself of the image. The Cathédrale d'Images was born and has been presenting audiovisual shows for 30 years now.

In 2011, the town of Les Baux-de-Provence entrusted Culturespaces with the management of its famous quarry as part of a public services contract.

Named “Carrières de Lumières”, it is a fantastic laboratory of creativity for Culturespaces which has developed there an innovative concept: AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience).

Following the exhibitions Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, the Giants of the Renaissance in 2015, Marc Chagall in 2016, Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo in 2017, the Carrières de Lumières has organised a never before seen multimedia event devoted to Picasso and the Spanish masters. From March 2, 2018 to January 6, 2019.

Entrance of the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux de Provence

The village of Les Baux de Provence

Carrières de Lumière - les Baux de Provence

Chagall, Midsummer Night's Dreams

Chagall Show - les Baux de Provence

Marc Chagall

Chagall - Bella au col blanc

Marc Chagall - Exodus

Carrières de Lumières 2017

Light show in the quarry

Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo

Carrières de Lumières - Route de Maillane - 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence

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