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At Beaujeu, we have always respected the land, as did the traditional farms in the Camargue in the past. It is still, today, the only estate in the Arles area, combining the farming of cereals, herbs and vines.

For several generations, the estate, specialising in organic farming, has been preoccupied with the environment.

Beaujeu is the last "Mas de Camargue" where it is possible to find balance and respect of yesteryear. Ecocert certifies organic farming since 1974, but our respect for the environment was already the same for our parents and grand-parents.

In the shop at the Domaine de Beaujeu you will find wines, fruit juices, rice, olive oil, honey, jams, the best salt, champagne... (all organically produced), tapenade, cheeses...

Proposed activities (by appointment): wine tastings, introduction to sensorial appreciation, excursions in the vineyards.

The +++

  • organic wines
  • organic rice
  • boutique
  • fodder, straw cereals, compost, sheep manure

Organic Wine of Camargue

Organic wine of Camargue

Vineyard in Camargue

Domaine de Beaujeu organic wine

Vineyard estate - Organic farming

Organic rosé wine of Camargue

Under the appellation “IGP Pays des Bouches du Rhône Terre de Camargue”, we produce white, red and rosé wines using the Marselan, Caladoc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Cabernet and Merlot grapes. We also cultivate white, brown and wholegrain red Camargue Rice. The tradition of submerging the vineyards in winter helps us prevent the salt from rising.

Our produce bears the name Regional Nature Park of the Camargue. The estate has been certified organic since 1974.

Organic rice of Camargue

Organic rice of Camargue

Organic rice farming in Camargue

Shop with organic rice and wine of Camargue

Organic farming in Camargue

Organic wine and rice of Camargue seller

It was after the Second World War, and thanks to the Marshall plan which financed the creation of important hydraulic infrastructures, that the cultivation of rice really developed in the Camargue.

In the Camargue, the sowing of rice starts around April 20 and finishes towards the beginning of May. The rice is generally sown by scattering, in water or dry.
The harvest takes place from mid-September to mid-October with the tracked harvester vehicles equipped with toothed threshers.
The rice is then going to be dried and stored before its manufacturing.

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Domaine de Beaujeu

Domaine de Beaujeu - Route du Sambuc - 13200 Arles

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