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Chateau Romanin, in Provence, wine growing estate
If you follow the course of the Rhône, once you draw level with the papal city of Avignon, you can perceive the Alpilles, in Provence...

After passing through Côte du Rôtie in Hermitage and Saint Joseph in Châteauneuf du Pape... you come to the gates of the Baux de Provence, in the Alpilles, in Provence. It’s a brilliant ridge of light with a thousand folds, the last mountain before the Mediterranean Sea. On the northern slope, between St Rémy de Provence and Eygalières, nature has drawn a triumphant "V". This "V" is a geographical gap that creates dynamic natural updrafts. You may be witness to a ballet of gliders above the ruins of an old castle from the Middle Ages. This is where you’ll find Romanin...

Everyday biodynamics
Winemaking at Château Romanin is based on biodynamic winegrowing methods. The vines enjoy original treatment that respects both the nature of the soil and cosmo-telluric influences. This method has existed since the dawn of time. The method takes all parameters into account. It not only integrates the common parameters (nature, exposure), it also takes the lunar cycle into consideration.
The plant, the soil, the water, the wind, the sun, the work men do... an infinite number of lives that are slipped into our wines of Provence.

Chateau Romanin, in Provence, wine growing estate
The northern slope of the Alpilles mountain range...

...58 hectares of vines, in Provence, protected by the mountain, the forest and the scrubland (the mountain crest forms the boundary of the 250 hectare property).

The Romanin vineyard is situated in a corridor where the wind is extremely restless. The plots are spread around Romanin’s gliding club aerodrome, famous for the quality and permanence of its updrafts (easy takeoff with a winch). These updrafts keep frost at bay and protect the vines from cryptogamic diseases.

Château Romanin also has the advantage of being in a microclimate that is exceptionally beneficial for winegrowing : generous sunshine and low rainfall (about 750 mm on average per year). It is very dry in summer, the rainfall being concentrated in autumn and spring.
The different plots of the Romanin domain are comprised of brown calcareous soil of colluvial origin.

The southern part of these plots borders the Alpilles and is made up of stony soil of a clayey-loamy-calcareous nature. This deep and very porous soil doesn’t suffer in dry weather and is an ideal substrate for winegrowing. The vines are mainly planted on slopes and terraces.
The clay is of good quality, and helps to produce wines that are both concentrated and light.

The soil located in the northern part of the domain, in the direction of the Durance river, is made up of colluvium deposits on sandy, stony alluvium. The deep and shallow soil horizons are sometimes separated by a layer of red clay. These plots are where the older vines of the vineyard can be found.
Due to the large internal surface area of the clay, the land is especially favourable for red wines of Provence.

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The wines

Red, rosé, white wines of Château Romanin

Le Cœur de Château Romanin

The Romanin wines
The first Château Romanin vintage was born in 1990
The wines of Provence of Château Romanin are the image of our soil and reflect the influence of our way of cultivating the vines. These wines of Provence are the embodiment of both their terrestrial character with their solid and warm structure, and their aromatic mineral characteristics, but also of a light and airy character, well represented in their amplitude, delicacy and crispness. Fruit of the heavens and the earth, a fragile balance, our wines are harmonious, elegant and lively. The personality of these wines of Provence is one of contrast. These wines of Provence are both shy and docile, lively and tender, forthright and complex. They are messengers of a place and a history.
Le Cœur de Château Romanin
AOC Les Baux de Provence, red
Each year, an emblematic plot of the domain gives birth to grapes of exceptional quality which in turn, give birth to juice of an exceptional quality ? A great wine was born out of this soil. Cœur has taken the best from the soil and the know-how of Romanin.
It offers us our greatest collection every year.
Le Château Romanin
AOC Les Baux de Provence, red and rosé
AOC Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, white
Château Romanin is made from the plots situated at the foothills of the Alpilles, to the south of the domain and expresses concentration and finesse.
Château Romanin, the emblem of our vineyard, is a veritable jewel among Les Baux de Provence wines.
La Chapelle de Romanin
AOC Les Baux de Provence, red
This wine is made from the young vines in the vineyard and is never aged in oak barrels. Sensuous, spirited, warm and elegant, its ? Garrigue ? Aroma reminds us of the Alpilles that surround and nourish it. Ever since its beginnings in 1995, la Chapelle de Romanin has been a revelation, establishing itself a little more year after year.
Jean Le Troubadour
Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhône, red and rosé
Our vin de pays comes from plots on the domain that are not part of AOC Baux de Provence (approximately 3 hectares). A very natural, tasty wine of Provence, for everyday enjoyment.

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