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Logis du Bourg

Vacation rental - Enclave des Papes

Situated in the Drôme Provençale, near Grignan in the heart of the Enclave des Papes, this village house offers you a luxurious vacation setting in the colours of Provence.
It is the result of the grouping of six village houses in one, based on the model of the ancient Roman villas and the riads of Morocco, where water and the garden are at the core of the house.
This property offers ten en-suite bedrooms distributed over several floors and in an ideal configuration for family reunions or seminars.
A place for meetings and for relaxation, but also independence and charm: the proprietors have arranged and decorated the premises with elegance, all in a palette of soft and harmonious colours.
The houses let all the guests enjoy their privacy during their stay but also get together in the garden for a cocktail, to relax and chat in the Turkish bath or to meet up in one of the lounges or reception rooms.
Absolute comfort, deluxe amenities and luxurious materials have been reserved for you in this unique spot with its warm atmosphere, guaranteeing you an exceptional stay.
The Logis du Bourg sits in an exceptional spot right in the village centre with direct access to the village square, where you will find cafés, a restaurant and a post office.

The Logis du Bourg is rented in its entirety from May to October; there is the possibility of renting just one house during the off-season periods.

The +++

  • A Riad in Provence
  • in the heart of the village
  • ideal for the family or with friends
  • garden
  • steam bath
  • seminars & receptions

The facilities

Baby paraphernalia

Handicap access



Pets welcome





The houses

Andalouse house opening onto the pool

The main room

The kitchen

The bathroom

The extra bedroom

The Andalouse is situated by the pool.
It is a loft suitable for a couple.
 In it you will find a bedroom, a bathroom, a lounge area, a kitchen and an extra bedroom suitable for children.

The living room

The kitchen

The bedroom 1st floor

The bathroom on the 1st floor

The yellow room - 2nd floor

The bathroom

The terrace of the 2nd floor

The bedroom on the 3rd floor

The terrace of the 3rd floor

The Provençale is where the main kitchen is located. It has three en-suite bedrooms, one with a terrace, which are situated on different levels. There is also a small living room.

The linving opening onto the deck terrace

The entrance

The room one of the 1st floor

The bathroom - 1st floor

Bedroom 2 of the 1st floor

Bedroom 3 of the 2nd floor

Bathroom of the 2nd floor

The Lavandière, on the ground floor, is taken up entirely by the main living room. On the different floors, you will find 3 en-suite bedrooms, a small lounge and a terrace.

The linving

The kitchen

The dining room

Blue bedroom - 1st floor

Relax area - 1st floor

Bathroom of the 1st floor

Bedroom of the 2nd floor

Relax area - 2nd floor

Terrace on the 2nd floor with view on the village

Bathroom of the 2nd floor

The Maison Bleue has a dining room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a terrace leading on to the garden.

The terrace

The bright living room opening onto the terrace

The bedroom

The bathroom

The Toscane is a subtle mix of elegance and noble materials in natural colours. >From the alleyway, a stone stairway leads you to the terrace.
The stucco walls, the wood of the furnishings and the linen bedding draw you into an Italian ambiance.

You will just love the big light-filled suite with its bathroom and toilet apart.

The Penjab

The garden of Les Logis du Bourg

The garden reception area

The terraces

The pool

The gallery

The Gallery illuminated

Entrance to the Penjab

The reception room

The Penjab is the spot bathed in light, the space reserved for you to relax by the pool, unwind in the Turkish bath, savour a dinner in the cloisters and enjoy the enclosed, tree-filled garden.
The Penjab is the ideal place to organize an event (seminar, reception, cocktail party, birthday, anniversary or family reunion) with its big 50m² lounge.

The hammam

For a stay in the heart of the Enclaves des Papes, the Logis des Bourg enjoys an ideal location for heading out to explore the region.

Upon returning from your daily excursions, the Turkish bath is at your disposal for a moment of pure relaxation and escape in a middle eastern ambiance.

Turkish bath for 6 people

Pool with counter-current swimming
Lounge with wicker armchair

Group stays in Riad in Provence

The Logis du Bourg offers ten en-suite bedrooms over several floors, all in an ideal configuration for family reunions or seminars.

It is a place for relaxation adapted to your needs, whether for pleasure, all in a magical setting.

Seminars and receptions

The Logis du Bourg offers ten en-suite bedrooms over several floors, all in an ideal configuration for family reunions or seminars.
It is a place for meetings, reunions and relaxation adapted to your needs, whether for work or for pleasure, all in a magical setting.

Contact and access

Logis du Bourg

3b, route de Grignan - 84600 Grillon

+33 (0)6 88 93 71 32

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