The Gorges of the Toulourenc

A place to swim at the foot of the Mont Ventoux

To the north of Malaucène, at the foot of the Mont Ventoux, the Gorges of the Toulourenc invite you you for a refreshing break in a truly beautiful setting.

The Toulourenc has its source at the foot of the Château d'Aulan and snakes across thirty kilometres to the Ouvèze river. Fed by the Mont Ventoux, it has very pretty places for swimming where the cool fresh water is well appreciated during the hot days of summer!

You can swim at several spots along the Toulourenc: just past the Hamlet of Veaux, in Entrechaux and in Saint-Léger-du-Ventoux.

Don't hesitate to explore the Valley of the Toulourenc to discover the beautiful villages of Brantes, Saint-Léger and Savoillans from which you have unobstructed views of the Mont Ventoux.

Toulourenc Valley in the Vaucluse

Gorges du Toulourenc in Provence

Swimming in the Toulourenc river

Swimming at the foot of the Mont Ventoux

North slop of the Mont Ventoux

Gorges du Toulourenc in the Vaucluse

Le Toulourenc - 84340 Entrechaux

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