Requien Museum in Avignon

Three floors with a total of 1.200 square meters reveal the world of natural history and management of its richess...  
The collections have not ceased to be enriched since Esprit Requien founded the museum. They continue to be consulted by specialists from all over the world.  
Scientific research is also carried out by researchers of the museum which over the years, has become a renowned research center, participating in national and European scientific projects.

The Requien Museum in Avignon

Mineral collection

Deers naturalized at the Requien Museum

The Exhibitions

A vector of scientific knowledge, the museum organises thematic exhibitions : "Geology of the Vaucluse", Botany of the Vaucluse", Prehistorique animals", Birds of Prey of Provence", "The insect, the flower, the mushroom"....  

Sponsoring local and national demonstrations, the museum in involved in awareness programs concerning the large problems of our times : major risks, pollution, circulation....

Submerge yourself in time... Or 5 billion years in the Vaucluse  

This exhibit is conceived as an initiating course in the discovery of the Earth and its animal population over the ages.  

Frozen in time, delicate traces of life imprisoned in thin layers of sediment, or tiny chemical drops petrified in glittering crystal are honored and find their place as works of art due to the perfection of their forms and colors.  

Ammonite spouting from the depths of time, a grant withe shark, three-toed horses, gypsum crystal... This inanimate universe takes on additional dynamics, thaks to the passage through industry into the modern world of certain of these substances : ochres, flint, "pierre du midi". It's also a return to the dawn of man and his animal "cortege", bordering on the emergence of modern fauna.

Vauclusian Fauna

A museum attentif to its region and its particularities. From the plains to the hills, from the Durance river to the Mont Ventoux, a brief survey of the diversity in fauna.

Beaver, badger, mouse, spotted lizard, orsini adder, tengmalm owl, black kite, percnoptere, hawk, swollows, tit, drake. A photo exhibition that reveals the secrets of the fauna of the Vaucluse. An opportunity, as well, to encounter one of the last wolves of Southeast France...

A living Place...

The Requien Museum is also a place for the propagation of knowledge. Permanent, as well as changin exhibitions initiate the visitor to the diversity of modern science. An educational service is provided by an agregated professor delegated to the museum.

Naturalist organizations constitute a pole of vitality in popularizing scientific culture initiating sessions, conferences, audivisual projections.

Fondation Requien - 67, rue Joseph Vernet - 84000 Avignon

+33 (0)4 90 82 43 51

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