The MuCEM in Marseille

The MuCEM or Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations is a national museum in Marseille, situated at the entrance to the Old Port. Inaugurated on June 7, 2013, it is devoted to the history and interweaving cultures of the Mediterranean basin from the prehistoric age to the present.

Designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti and built ?of stone, water and wind?, the museum is a ziggurat of ramps around a 15,000m² cube of exhibition spaces surrounded by concrete "lace".

The museum takes an interdisciplinary approach and provides a forum for an exchange of perspectives. Treating a myriad of themes, the exhibitions mix traditional presentations with the most contemporary and conceptual of installations.

A footbridge links it to the Fort Saint Jean which houses temporary exhibitions. The rooftop restaurant offers beautiful views over the bay of Marseille, the Corniche and the Prado.

MuCEM, Cathédrale la Major and Fort St Jean à Marseille

Vieux port of Marseille by night

Concrete lace, the MuCEM in Marseille

Esplanade at the Fort Saint-Jean and footbridge to the MuCEM

Gardens at the Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille

MuCEM - 7, promenade Robert Laffont - 13002 Marseille

+33 (0) 4 84 35 13 13

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