The Bonbon Museum in Uzès

HARIBO The sweet museum

Impossible to avoid if you're travelling with lovers of sweets, whether they are young or old.

And even any adult will be interested in learning about the history of candy and the methods used to make it, letting them rediscover the chewy sweets of their childhood years!

At the end of the tour, you will know everything about Haribo's most famous products: the strawberry Tagadas, gummy bears, marshmallows and many more...

An entertainingly orchestrated, interactive exhibition presents:

- the brand's history, from the small ZAN licorice factory up to becoming one of the biggest sweets manufacturers in the world

- the importance of communication, advertising and publicity

- the candy machine room with the CAR-EN-SAC licorice sweets bagger

- a beautiful collection of unique posters from the 19th century from some of the greatest illustrators of the time,

- the manufacturing process and recipes,

- and a whole bunch of interactive games that will delight children.

Just as beautiful and appealing, the shop offers a wide choice of sweets at a wide range of prices. You will certainly find your favourite, as a treat for yourself, or for someone else!

The museum is located in Uzès, the medieval city famous for its duchy and its market on the Place aux Herbes.

The entrance of the sweet museum in Uzès

A Chamallow in the garden of thesweet museum

The golden bear welcomes you at the Haribo museum

Entertainingly visit of the Haribo museum

Advertising and litlle bottle of mint Ricqlès

Various boxes of sticks and rolls of liquorice ZAN

The manufacturing process of sweets explained at the museum

Le Musée du Bonbon - Pont des Charrettes - 30700 Uzès

+33(0)4 66 22 74 39

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