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Learn French in Provence by combining the discovery of the regional heritage with the broadening of your command of French as a second and/or foreign language.

Refresher courses are available for francophones who wish to expand on certain basics in order to solidify an upcoming professional project.
Our associative organization's premises can be found in Viens, Caseneuve and Saignon mainly.

Our close-knit, people-friendly structure allows us to meet your needs in a fast and effective manner and in a convivial context.

We base our teaching on total immersion. That's the reason why all our teachers and all our partners (bed & breakfasts and local tables d'hôtes run by natives of the region) will speak French to you as often as possible.

The Luberon is a magical place for learning French in Provence! Bienvenue to one and all!
We welcome teenagers and adults of all nationalities and all levels. The groups are very small (4 students maximum), consequently the courses are personalized for each student based on his or her needs and expectations.

We welcome expats wishing to quickly integrate into their new French-speaking country, professionals who have to speak French in their jobs, young people having chosen French as the foreign language in their studies or just simply people who love the language. We want to diffuse and share the French language, thinking and cultures by combining learning with your discoveries as a tourist.
The courses generally take place over one week but can be adapted to meet your needs.
The needs of each student are unique. That's why we offer "à la carte" and "tailor-made" programmes. We prefer to have a long discussion with the students and find the best French courses for them.

The +++

  • French course
  • classes for individuals or groups
  • small group (4 pers.)
  • adults, teenagers
  • quality accommodation possible

Linguistic stay in Provence

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Learning French in total immersion

Linguistic stay in Provence

Discovery of the regional heritage of Provence

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